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Astana Central Hotel

Accommodation rules


Please note that «Astana Central» Hotel is NON-SMOKING.
For violation of this rule the hotel has the right to impose a penalty in the amount of the daily rate.

Booking and accommodation

  • The priority right for accommodation in the Hotel receives a person with confirmed reservation of the room. Other guests are placed in the order of general queue.

  • Reservation of the room is considered to be confirmed upon receipt of the Hotel confirmation by the Guest.
 If the reservation is not guaranteed by the Company or a credit card, the reservation is valid until 2:00 p.m. of the arrival day. In case of no-show until 14:00, the reservation is cancelled and the accommodation is provided on the basis of general queue.
  • On the expiry of agreed period Guest is obliged to leave the room or to extend the duration of stay, previously (no later than one day prior to the check-out time) conforming the availability of free rooms and the relevant additional charge to the administration of the Hotel.
  • In case of availability of free rooms, the Administration of the Hotel is obliged to extend the term of accommodation and accept the payment.

  • The Guest is required to present an identification document and fill in the Hotel Registration Card while making a reservation of the room.

Payment and check-out time

  • Payment for the accommodation in the Hotel is charged up on check-in to the Hotel upon receipt of an electronic key card by two scheduled rates: 12 hours (half-day) and 24 hours (a day) according to the current tariff at the time of booking.

Check-out system

  • Check-in time is 2.00 p.m.
  • Early arrival 06.00 a.m. −2.00 p.m. — 50% of the daily rate is charged.
  • Early arrival 00.00 a.m.-06.00 a.m. — full daily rate is charged.

Check-in system

  • Check-out-time is 12.00 p.m.
  • Late departure 12.00 p.m. — 6.00 p.m. — 50% of the daily rate is charged.
  • Late departure 6.00 p.m. — 00.00 a.m. — full daily rate is charged.

The following services are included in the payment for a room:

  • Breakfast in the Restaurant of the Hotel;
  • Free access to WIFI;

  • Free parking on the territory of the Hotel;
  • Tea, tea bags, 2 bottles of water.
  • Daily housekeeping;

  • Change of towels, once in 2 days, change of bedding, once in 3 days*;
  • Electronic safe;

  • Wake-up service

Upon the Guest request the change of towels and bedding can be done more often.

  • The administration of the Hotel holds confidential the information about residents of the Hotel.
  • Unknown people are not allowed to enter the Hotel rooms without the knowledge of the administration.
 Invited guests are allowed from 7.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. and in this case, the invited person/s shall provide administration with ID. In the absence of an identity document, the meeting should take place in the lobby of the hotel. In case of non-compliance of Accommodation Rules by these persons their visit may be limited in time or interrupted.
  • If a visited person stays later than 11.00 p.m. then an additional payment in the amount of 5000 tenge should be payed.
  • Accommodation of children under 6 years in a family room is free of charge without providing a separate child — bed.
  • Accommodation of pets in the Hotel is strictly prohibited.
  • A Guest is obliged to keep jewelry, money and documents in an 
electronic safe in the room. The administration is not responsible for valuables left unattended.
  • When checking-out a Guest is obliged to make a full payment for all services provided to him, to notify the administration about his departure, to deliver the room key and to wait for the acceptance of the room by the Hotel Administrator.

A Guest is responsible for:

  • Compliance with fire safety rules and use of electrical appliances in the room;
  • Compliance with general rules of accommodation as well as room cleanliness, turning off the bath taps 
after use, shutting windows, turning off the lights, switching off the TV set, locking the door when leaving the room;
  • An immediate informing to the Administration of the Hotel in case of detection of loss of personal belongings from the room for taking measures in searching of lost things;
  • In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan the Guest pays for damage or loss of the Hotel property as well as responsible for violations, caused by the invited persons.

Strictly prohibited:

  • To leave unknown persons in the room in your absence;
  • To pass a key and a Guest Card to unknown persons;
  • To store lumber, inflammable, explosive, toxic and narcotic materials;
  • To smoke in rooms, lobbies and halls of the Hotel;
  • To rearrange, take the furniture and bedding out of the room;
  • To be in a state of intoxication;
  • To use a heater if it is not provided in the hotel room.
  • To take out the dinner ware, cutlery, food and drinks without prior coordination with the employee of the Restaurant.
  • Drinking alcohol or other beverages and food that was brought with the Guest in the public areas of the Hotel.

  • Loud music as well as other noise is not allowed.

  • To pollute the territory of the Hotel. Bins are placed on the territory of the Hotel.


For violation of this rule the hotel has the right to impose a penalty in the amount of the daily rate.

We also ask you to read and remember the rules of behavior in case of fire or other emergency situations:

  • Please note the location of emergency exits and staircases (the evacuation plan of the hotel complex is located in the hallway on each floor)
  • In case of fire in your room or other areas of the Hotel please inform about the fire by dialing 100 (Reception) and inform about your location immediately.
  • If to eliminate the fire area is not possible by your own forces please close the windows leave the room and close the door without locking it.
  • If the corridor and staircases are heavily filled with smoke and it is impossible to leave the room please stay in the room and open the windows widely. A closed well-sealed door can protect you permanently from the dangerous temperature.
  • To avoid a smoke inhalation please close the gaps of ventilation with bedclothes and towels soaked with water.
  • With the arrival of fire fighters to the place of the accident please come up to the window or go out to the balcony.

In the case of non-compliance of the above mentioned requirements for these Rules the Administration has the right to evict the Guest with the imposition of penalties in the amount of a daily rate of his room.